4pokoje – web design


Visit the website for the best presentation of the project www.4pokoje.cz


I created a graphic design for the 4pokoje bar which was recreated and coded into a functional website by web designer Milan Lund. The design is based on the graphic style that I began to use for all graphic materials connected to the 4pokoje bar and the colors used in their logotype – some additional colors were added. I also used their photobank.

They wanted a jolly and original graphic design that will be memorable that won’t fit in the box wit hother bar websites, but also will be functional and informative. The essential part is the homepage with moving images that branches to many other subsites which correspond with the homepage. I also created graphic designs for mobile devices which differs in some cases.

Some images are dynamic, neon sign is blinking and the words change. Original idea was a little bit more ambitious, but some compromises had to be done.

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