Folky time


The painting was commissioned as a Christmas gift from pictured miss to her boyfriend, who is a passionate wine maker – together they run Tomčala winery, which he inherited after his grandpa. He loves moravian tradition and for this reason I chose to paint a decorative frame with many ornaments that respect traditonal moravian decorative art, but I painted in my own style.

The man loves to travel, sing and dance, and thus holds a “koštýř” (wine-tasting glass device) which he holds as a microphone. He is also a musician and his right hand is divided into three other hands – one presses piano keys that transform into a guitar, second and third hand caress grapevines which are very alive and dance to his music, just like balettes, holding the wires used in vineyards as a support. This wire is tied to cross-country skis and hockey stick – the man takes part in cross-country skiing competition and also plays hockey.

In upper left corner there’s an angel that protects him – his girlfriend.

Printed on a poster – premium structured paper of gallery quality, canvas-like structure, paper type marble, papper grammage 300g/m²

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