Membook – album and notebook for mommies


Membook is an album and a notebook for mums and their newborns in which they’re supposed to note their common way, afterwards the first steps, experiences, photos and notes.


Membook cosnists of several elements.

ALBUM with 30 sheets of paper with 350 g/m2 which keep its shape nicely after You glue the photos in it and is meant to be drawn and written on.

NOTEBOOK to make all the memories and experiences memorable.

Colorful stickers are pre-cut with respect to the shape of the illustration on a high quality foil. The stickers are easy to pull off and You can use them to decorate the Membook album and notebook. ANIMAL STICKERS depict experiences and develpoment phases of the baby which will add a nice touch to the album sheets with pictures, drawings, text etc. HEADLINE STICKERS which will help to navigate through the album. BUBBLES STICKERS that are ready to be written on by You. Altogether there are 8 A4 sheets with a total of 157 stickers.

GIFT CARD for the newborn, 2 INK PENS and GLUE STICK.

Everything is packed nicely into a gift box. In case it’s a gift all You have to do is to write something from the heart on the gift card and gift it.

Za tímto projektem stojí moje sestra Eva a já.I drew a lot of illustrations for this project. Most of them are used as stickers that are meant to be used together with the album and the notebook, took care of the graphic design, DTP and took part in the technical elements and production. My sister Eva had the idea and worked the whole concept thoroughly. She also took care of the production and was a part of the creative side of the whole project.

Ilustration used on the covers – a little girl and a little boy.

The animals are depicted in moments and activities that are typical for a newborn that is discovering its abilities and problems connected with it. Teeth and bambi are not included in the stickers, they are used as illustrations in the notebook and the gift card.

Detaily několika vybraných ilustrací.

Logotype pictures a camera and open album and notebook. There is also the name MEMBoOK.

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