Pho Eden – Vetnamese restaurant


Logo depicts a hot bowl of soup. It’s heavenly smell touches the clouds above.

The interior and exterior decorations of vietnamese restaurant Pho Eden in Brno. The client introduced me to the name of the restaurant and told me to freestyle. Due to the name of the restaurant and the fact that the restaurant is run by christian family from Vietnam, this concept came to my mind: the decorations will be focused on biblical stories in asian style. As a reference I used famous paintings which are very well-known by the public, such as the mural Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, or the painting Forbidden fruit by Jacob Jordaens.

Tanks to this several large-scale paintings were created which add a nice and comfy atmosphere to the interior. I also painted several smaller paintings depicting typical ingredients used in the vietnamese cuisine, logo restaurant, entrance signs, piktograms and small paintings on the wall.

The paintings decorate the brick walls of the Pho Eden vietnamese restaurant interior.

These are digitally painted and digitally printed on matte cotton canvas, grammage 280g/m². Canvas is stretched to a wooden frame with 3 cm profile, the painting goes over the edge so it’s not necessary to put it in frame.

It is said that at the exact moment when baby Jesus was born, the sky was pierced by a comet and marked the spot of his birth. The symbol of a star is also pictured on the Vietnam national flag.
Size: 90 × 120 cm
Jesus and his apostles met to enjoy their last Pho together.
Size: 270 × 135 cm
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden caught while committing The First Sin – they tasted the Forbidden Pho from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
Size: 200 × 135 cm
God is love, and love goes through the stomach.
Size: 100 × 70 cm

A series of mini-paintings depicts typical ingredients used in vietnamese cuisine, which decorates the interior of the Pho Eden vietnamese restauranat in Brno

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil Pho grown from a bowl of pho noodles and together with the panel below decorate the entrance to the Pho Eden vietnamese restaurant.

Size: 65 × 207 cm
Digital painting printed on a vinyl foil on dibond.
Size: 280 × 52 cm
Digital painting printed on a vinyl foil on dibond..

Toilet signs.

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