Naughty sculpture (2021)

An illustration of a legend about a sculptor and his prank on the city officials for a public project for Brno called BrrrNo – Urban Legends. The legend concerns with a “naughty sculpture” that is a part of the saint Jacob’s church on Jacob’s square in Brno. Not everyone know that the naughty sculpture is not alone – he’s having an intimate moment with his mistress – that’s a fact.

Czechs and Germans have lived side by side in Brno since time immemorial. Both the Czechs and the Germans needed a church, but they could not agree, so two churches began to be built. The Czechs, who lived in the upper part of Brno, began to build a church in Petrov, the Germans with their houses below began to build the Church of St. James. While they had more money at Petrov, at Jakub they had a better master builder who, unlike the stonemasons at Petrov, could do the job quickly. The master was a good companion and a cheerful kick, so people liked him very much. Once, after working in a pub, he joked that the church at Jakub would be finished long before he built anything on Petrov. The Czech councilor was very offended, so they decided to expel the master builder from Brno. Surprisingly, he didn't protest much, he just asked for one wish to be fulfilled: "Let me finish the last window I'm working on." They suited him. The window was finished at night. When they uncovered the Brno council window in the morning, they were horrified. They found that the master had retaliated perfectly. Above the window arch you can still see a little man sticking his bare ass towards Petrov, at those who drove him out of town.

The panel was exhibited on Moravian square in Brno. Other texts and illustrated legends can be found here:

8 illustrators based in Brno took part in this project, each of the 8 legends is illustrated by a different author.

Size: 50 × 70 cm

Poster is numbered and signed.

Poster – high quality thick paper, semi matte finish, paper type satin, paper grammage 200g/m²


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