Malt Worm – Craft Beer Pub


A “Malt Worm” is a lover of malt beer (whisky, etc.); a heavy drinker.

Logotype for Malt Worm craft beer pub in Brno on Starobrněnská 12. Several sketches of the worm were created in the process of designing the logo from which one was picked and used in the logotype. The rest of the worms were used as a repetitive motive in the ornamental frames surrounding paintings that decorate the interior of the pub.

The interior of the craft beer pub is decorated by digitally painted paintings thar are printed on wallpapers with a canvas-like structure. These wallpapers with their arc-like shapes harmonize with the clean, white interior that is full of archs. In each of the paintings, at the top of the arc, there is a repeating common motive – malt worm.

The owners wished to make their craft beer pub unique, not to be confused with other pubs that are decorated with similiar ordinary beer motives. I offered them my vision in which the beer is the common element and connects each of the painting thematically together, however, the beer will not be the main element for any of them. This is the reason why the interior of the craft beer pub seems like some kind of dreamy garden in which the customer can look throught the decorative window into a magical world that is connected by one thing – beer.

In the frames, there are hidden symbols and words which can be discovered by the customer during his repeating visits. This can be perceived as a game that entertains the customer that waits for his beer or friends. There’s a hidden symbolic story of small figures that tells their story of love. Among other repeating motives are aiens heads, reproductive organs, skulls, bones etc.

Ninkasi, summerian goddess of beer, is enjoying a pint of beer and plays with surrounding planets which are born in the clouds on which she relaxes. These planets can be seen in the background of other paintings.
Size: 318 × 209 cm
Slavic God of Sun is rushing through the universe and hold a comet in his hands. It’s light is picking planets which will be gifted with life. His face brings a skull to mind because the Sun is a symbol which not only gives life, but also brings death. He’s full of heat which is escaping through both of his eyes and his third eye in a shape of sun. There are also bottles of beer that the pub owners hold dear.
Size: 207 × 135 cm
Pagans dance aroung the fire and praise the Gods that provided them with fertile soil this year again. Beverage consumption and long-lasting dance is slowly driving them into trance in which the reality merges into hallucination. The woman moisturizes the soil and first sprouts emerge. She holds a fetus of a worm in her second hand. The man sows hops and tries to arouse the woman with his second hand.
Size: 162 × 135 cm
Two potters are enjoying their noon break as they are approached by Venus bringing them well-deserved refreshments in the form of beer. They cannot resist her beauty and they quickly sculpt small clay figures that picture her feminine beauty, as a legacy to future generations, but mostly to themselves in case they feel lonely in the night.
Size: 130 × 175 cm
Angels in heaven are enjoying foamy beverage and are taste-testing it’s quality. It’s perfect, let’s have another round.
Size: 207 × 135 cm
Regular meeting of mythical forest inhabitants at the moonlight. There’s a certain tension between them, which can be seen in the Pan’s epicentre.
Size: 182 × 131 cm
In ancient times, the Earth was hit by the Great Flood. It is said that the prophets Cip and Elf built a vessel which they used to roam the turbulent waters on a mission to save as many legendary bottles of beer as possible. There are pictured many bottles which the owners of the Malt Worm – Craft beer pub feel attached to.
Size: 131 × 115 cm

A large part of the tap room is occupied by the cooling box.

The cooling box has a ribbed surface. One of the possibilites to paint it was to use perpendicular and parallel lines of the same thickness. I managed to hide the name Malt Worm and many beer glasses into the maze of rectangular spirals. At first sight, they are hidden, but as the waiting customer starts to observe it closely, they emerge.

In addition to the logo, a stylized hand-written font was created. It will be used in the beer menu on the TV screens, in printed and marketing materials. The font is not suitable to be used in long text.

The prices are only illustrative.
Toilet signs.

Interior just before opening hours.

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